Comfort and Healing for Peter

Peter is really growing these days.

For sure he is becoming quite tall, but much to our delight we have seen him grow in different ways too.

Peter is growing into a lovely, happy, responsible, trusting and trustworthy young man around here.  He interacts beautifully with other children and can be trusted to watch over the little ones for a while.  He is responsible with his schoolwork and his chores. Peter is a smart boy and he shows great joy in learning new things. Peter is also happy to just be a kid, hanging out and eating with good friends…

Or playing electronic games…

Peter is also growing more and more independent in caring for his needs and using his wheelchair – sometimes for races around the courtyard or a good game of basketball with some of his friends. Boys will be boys!!

Since Peter uses his wheelchair so much, we would like to purchase a special wheelchair cushion for him.

Peter, like any child spending extended periods of time in a wheelchair, can develop pressure sores. A specialized ROHO cushion would provide him with relief making it possible to prevent and heal sores. Any donation to help us fund this purchase will be much appreciated and can be made here on our donate for a specific gift page.

Peter is still waiting to be matched with his forever family. You can find out more by checking our Waiting for a Family page.  His file is on the CCCWA Shared List and he can be adopted through any agency. However, WACAP is offering a very generous grant of $4,200 for a qualified family adopting Peter using their services.

Please spread the word about Peter to help his family find him and bring comfort and healing to his heart.

“A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes” (Mack David, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston, Cinderella, 1950)

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One Response to Comfort and Healing for Peter

  1. Trisha McNamara says:

    Praying that Peter will find his forever family SOON!!!

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