Waiting for a Family

It is our greatest hope that all the children in the care of An Orphan's Wish will be given the love of a forever family.

If you would like to donate to our adoption grants fund, please visit the adoption grants page hereAdoption grants awarded by An Orphan's Wish provide financial assistance to families committed to the adoption of one of our precious children.

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Will – July 2009

Will 1

Will arrived in the care of the House of Love in February 2012 with unrepaired bilateral clubfeet.  He was a chubby and jovial little guy who settled quickly in his new environment.

Will 2

It was clear from the very beginning that this kid could eat like a champ and was ALL BOY – trucks, cars, trains were his favorite things!

Will 3

And football too… 

Will 3_b

And basketball too … Yep.  Definitively ALL BOY!!

Will 3_c

It was also very clear that he had the most kissable cheeks in the house.  Seriously, look at those cheeks!

Will 4

After we gave him some time to feel comfortable and relaxed in the house, we started his casting treatment.  Will was less than thrilled with the casting process but generally cooperated with the help of a sucker and the distraction of a TV show.

Will 5

After his casting was finished, Will went into the bracing stage and his feet healed very nicely.  At the end of December 2012, Will started walking without any support and he could not be more proud of his newly found independence.  Will also learned how to ride a bike.

Will 6

Will is a social little guy who likes to play with his friends, interacts beautifully with the carers, reminds everybody of the schedule for the day, uses good manners with the ladies and never forgets to pick up the toys when he is done.

Will 7

Will attended the pre-school at the House of Love and enjoyed listening to the teacher and learning new things … and apparently he also enjoyed occasionally hamming it up for the camera!

Will 7_b

Will has grown so much since he arrived and is now a delightful little boy.  And his cheeks, well they have remained extremely kissable!!  How would you like to claim these cheeks (and the handsome boy they belong to) for yourself and plant mama kisses on them?

Will 8

Really, how cute can one little guy get??!

Will 9

Will is available for adoption on an individual agency list - CHSFS. Children's Home Society and Family Services.  For any questions about Will, please contact Nathalie at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alec – May 2011


Alec’s special needs are orthopedic issues with his left elbow, one missing eye and some developmental delays.  Alec arrived at An Orphan’s Wish right after his first birthday.  


Alec was underweight, weak and developmentally delayed. We soon discovered that he was having feeding difficulties. To help him with his feeding and ensure he would receive adequate nutrition, we used a feeding tube. In September we were able to remove the feeding tube and Alec is now taking all his feedings by mouth with lots of encouragement.


Alec’s condition of anophthalmia, congenital absence of one eye, is commonly corrected for cosmetic purposes with a prosthetic eye.  Here is a photoshopped picture showing what Alec may look like with a prosthetic eye.

Photoshopped Image how Alec may look with prosthetic eye
Alec has a beautiful smile and loves to interact with the carers. He has gained enough strength to lift up his head, slowly developing his neck muscles, and is rolling over. Alec is also learning how to clap his hands and is beginning to respond when the carers talk to him and call his name. He is very proud of his new accomplishments. Alec is still delayed compared to his peers. Some of his delays may be the result of lack of stimulation and we are working hard to help him catch up to his peers.


Alec is a beautiful little boy with a gorgeous smile. He needs a family open to some unknowns and willing to take a leap of faith to help this precious little boy reach his full potential with love and support.


Alec is available for adoption of the CCCWA Shared List. His file was just added to the list on 11/27/2012.

For information about Alec or questions about his adoption, please contact Nathalie at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more photos and for our blog posts featuring Alec, please see here.




John – June 2009

Matched With Forever Family!

Peter – November 2002


Update - March 15, 2013

Matched with Forever Family!